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Dear Korea,

Do you want people around the world to respect your music/culture?

Well then stop releasing disgusting videos like this and stop inserting racism in your mainstream media.


The rest of the world

Hey everyone who follows me

I repeat, everyone

do me a favor and reblog this, share it with SOMEONE, comment on the video or really just find any way to shine light on/express how awful and offensive this type of stuff is

Korea has gone too far with this type of thing and it’s not the first time it’s happened. This is disgusting and if the country wants to spread its music/media around the world, it needs to clean up its act.

wow so fuck them a lot. AND they broke the flavah flave clock necklaces O K A Y nope didnt watch it till the end my face got tired of being in a grimace, and i was disgusted. the fuck. 

No. No. NO. This is beyond unacceptable.

The Korean media can write a zillion articles on Block B and GD’s marijuana scandal (just two examples), but they completely ignore issues like this. Blackface is unacceptable in any context, but this is particularly offensive. Korea is quick to point out racism against Koreans (I’m thinking specifically of the Morning Musume incident), but they have no problem with the degradation of black people. Oh, okay.

This is fucking gross.

The fuck did I just watch.

Fucking christ I was doing everything in my power to not watch this. But no. Fucking—what? It’s like taking a step back into the days of vaudeville and now we’rethe public’s punchline again.

So why is this swept under the rug in the Kpop world again? Why are fanwars more important that the constant degradation and disrespect towards black Kpop fans? Where y’all at? Where the fuck y’all at? 

you guys. flag this video. this is on mbc’s official yt channel. flag it under hateful and abusive content> promotes hatred or violence> and you can choose race and give a reason from there. if youtube takes this video down because it is racist then maybe some mbc exec will be like, oh, maybe that’s not okay.

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